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Strategic Retailer Reactions to Wholesale Club Presence, forthcoming in International Journal of Industrial Organization (with Emily Wang)


PDF of Working Paper Version

Couponing Strategies in Competition Between a National Brand and a Private Label Product, Journal of Retailing, 95(1), March 2019, pp. 57-66 (with Edward Jaenicke, Emily Wang, and Ping-Chao Wu)

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featured in Chicago Booth Review (link)

Effects of Technological Progress on Vertical Product Differentiation and Welfare, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 44(1), February 2017, pp. 67-97 (with Nathalie Lavoie and Christian Rojas)

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Adoption of Residential Solar Power under Uncertainty: Implications for Renewable Energy Incentives, Energy Policy, 86, November 2015, pp. 27-35 (with Christine Crago)


The Evolution of Nutritional Quality: Evidence from the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry, Economics Letters, 133, August 2015, pp. 105-108 (with Christian Rojas and Emily Wang)


Mechanism Choice and the Buy-It-Now Auction: A Structural Model of Competing Buyers and Sellers, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 38, January 2015, pp. 19-31

PDF of Working Paper Version

The Costs of Eating Gluten-Free (with Nathalie Lavoie)


Unhealthy Food, Regulations, and Consumer Welfare:
The US Microwaveable Popcorn Mark (with Debi Mohapatra, Nadia Streletskaya, and Emily Wang)


Competing with Fad Products: Erroneous Health Beliefs and Market Outcomes (with Nathalie Lavoie)

Incumbent Pricing and Nonpricing Responses to High-quality Product Entry (with Zexuan Liu)

The Effect of Front-of-Package Food Labelling on Product Design (with Rajib Rahman)

Do Subscribers of Mobile Networks Care about Network Neutrality (with Augusto Espin)